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Silk Plants with attractive colors and stems are available for decorations of home with comfortable height, width, depth and pot size.

  • Desk Top

    Desk Top available with silk orchid arrangements, Natural Beauty Single Stem, White Single Stem and many more attractive varieties.

  • Floor Plants

    Floor Plants with natural Spathyfillum w/Coiled Rope Wicker Silk Plant and Marginatum w/Wicker Basket Silk Plant available with more varieties with comfortable pot size.
  • Flowering Plants

    Flowering Plants available with different varieties like beauty stem, single cream stem with suitable height.

  • Grass

    Natural Potted Grass also available in Bamboo Grass Silk Plant, Mixed Grass Silk Plant and many more varieties available.
  • Hanging Baskets

    Hanging Baskets with Spider Hanging Basket Silk Plant, Grape Leaf Hanging Basket and many more varieties are available to decorate your house.
  • Ledge Plants

    Ledge Plants with natural pothos with white wash planter silk plant and also with decorative case available for your house.
  • Outdoor

    Outdoor decorative consists of Rosemary Spiral Silk, Mini Cedar Pine Tree and Mixed Mini Daisy Silk Plant and many more are available.
  • Real Touch

    Real Touch Home decor comprises of Natural Anthurium Silk Plant, Dracaena Silk Plant and many more varieties available.
  • Succulents

    Succulents available with south west collection with good height, width and depth having comfortable pot size.