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A large selections of silk trees including Bamboo, Ficus, Palm Trees and many more. These realistic looking trees will add an amazing touch to any home or office.
  • Bamboo

    Delicate and refined, perhaps no other tree packs as much personality in such a small space as the Bamboo Tree.
  • Banana Tree

    Kick back and dream of balmy weather year round while you gaze at these silk banana trees. Hardy robust stalks support a mix of rich green leaves on these classic silk banana trees.
  • Bonsai

    With soft leaves and a partially-exposed root system, the Bonsai tree is sure to catch anyone’s eye. Friends and family will be delighted to receive this enchanting tree as a gift for any occasion.
  • Croton

    The large multi-colored leaves of this extraordinary tree are sure to spruce up any home or office environment. Just one glance of the croton silk tree and you'll be daydreaming of a tropical paradise.
  • Ficus

    Impressive and classic ficus trees are a great fit for any decor at home or at the office. Also known as weeping fig, makes an attractive addition to any space.
  • Flowering

    A variety of flowering trees such as Dogwood, Lavendar, Roses, and more. Perfect trees to add a touch of color to any space.
  • Other Trees

    A variety of other types of silk trees such as christmas trees, Smilax Trees, Yucca Trees, and more. These unique trees are sure to add to any Decor in the home or office.
  • Outdoor

    Crafted with quality and detail in mind this stunning cedar silk tree will brighten up any space indoor or outdoor. They will last in the weather outside, never require watering, and stay green all year long!
  • Palm Trees

    This iconic representation of the tropics is a must have for any who dreams of relaxing under a beach palm. Bring the tropics to any home or office with the palm trees.
  • Topiary

    Some delightful topiary trees with shapes already cut in them and no maintenacne required. These topiary trees will add a tocuh of elegance to any home or office.